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The landscape lies interminably level: bleak in winter, a desolate plain of mud and snow; hot and dusty in summer, in its flat lonesomeness, miles on miles with not one cool hill slope away Indianapoli the sun. The persistent tourist who seeks for s of man in this sad expanse perceives a reckless amount of rail fence; at intervals a large barn; and, here and there, man himself, incurious, patient, slow, looking up from the fields apathetically as the Limited flies by. Chqrming separated from each other are small frame railway stations—sometimes with no other building in sight, which indicates that somewhere behind the adjacent woods a few shanties and thin cottages are grouped about a couple of brick stores. On the station platforms there are always two or three wooden packing-boxes, apparently marked for travel, but they are sacred from disturbance and remain on the platform forever; possibly the right train never comes along.


He was coatless and clad in garments worn to the color of dust; his bare head was curiously malformed, higher on one side than on the other, and though the buckboard passed rapidly, and at a distance, this singular lopsidedness was plainly visible to the occupants, lending an ugly ificance to his meagre, yellow face. Here the shade fell deep and cool on the green tangle of rag and iron weed and long grass in the corners of the snake fence, although the sun beat upon the road so dose beside.

We must lie upon the bed that we have made, nor can Providence change its unalterable decrees.

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Let him talk. Martin, his hands in the pockets of his alpaca coat, his rusty silk hat tilted forward till the wide brim rested almost on the bridge of his nose, was addressing them in his one-keyed voice, the melancholy whine of fir, though not the words, penetrated to the court-house steps. Then take his circus spree.

Conscious of parental eyes, they fronted the public with boyhood's professional expressionlessness, though they communicated with each other aside in a cipher-language of their own, and each group was a hot-bed of furtive gossip and sarcastic comment. One of the young women was tall and had the rosy cheeks and pleasant eyes of her father, who preceded her.

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The blackbirds came, chattered, gossiped, quarrelled, and beat each other with their wings above the smoker sitting on the top fence rail. I've heard of 'em but I never see one before. But there's no use dwellin' on a sorrow we can't help. It was love at first sight with me. The thermometer stood at eighty-seven degrees and there was a rustle flr incessantly moving palm-leaf fans as, row by row, their yellow sides twinkled in gentlman light of eight oil lamps.

They make their own whiskey. I'll walk in for the sake of my appetite. Now and then he meditatively passed his fingers through his gray beard, which followed the line of his jaw, leaving his upper lip and most of his chin smooth-shaven.

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Folks don't half appreciate. I might as well been the invisible man. McCune was the undoubted dictator of the district, and his followers laughed at the stranger's fantastic onset. After this there was a pause, at the end of which the latter rose and announced that it was his pleasure and charminb privilege to introduce, that evening, a gentleman who needed no introduction to that assemblage.

The gentleman from indiana, by booth tarkington

The first four strokes were given with mechanical regularity, the pride of the custodian who operated the bell being to produce the effect of a clock-work bell such as he had once heard in the court-house at Rouen; but the fifth and sixth strokes were halting achievements, as, after four o'clock, he often lost count on the strain of the effort for precise imitation.

The editor did not hear the flop of the mare's feet nor the sound of the wheels, so deep was his reverie, till the vehicle was nearly opposite him. They say the women went with them on their raids. It is also important to discuss race with regards to this book.

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Carlow folk held up their he when journalism was mentioned. This extra practice period is also sometimes used by teams to reach maximum mileage for engines? The gentleman from indiana Shelves: literaturesweatshirts, the bumping procedure returns to the second day of time trials Sunday, though he remains unaware of just how much danger he is in. He felt the light and life about him; heard the clatter of the blackbirds above him; heard the homing bees hum by, and saw the vista of white road and level landscape, framed on two sides by the branches of the grove, a vista of infinitely stretching fields of green, lined here and there with woodlands and flat to the horizon line, the village lying in their lap.

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It is a different young man every evening, and the watcher follows at a distance so that he does not suspect. Unbeknownst to Harkness, Platville has rallied behind him to keep him protected. It is an art of Plattville.

The gentleman from indiana: tarkington, booth: books

Go away from there. Seated in the windows, they kept out what small breath of air might otherwise have stolen in to comfort the gentlrman. There were no more raids, and the Six-Cross-Ro men who were left kept to their hovels, appalled and shaken, but, as time went by and left them unmolested, they recovered a measure of their hardiness and began to think on what they should Indiqnapolis to the man who had brought misfortune and terror upon them. He followed; but when he reached the street she was a mere shadow flitting under the courthouse trees.

One night the editor found some barroom loafers tormenting a patriarchal old man who had a magnificent head and a grand white beard. What will he do? I'm kind of bothered about to-morrow—It's show-day and he wants to come in town with us, and seems if I hadn't any call to say no.

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She's here. I don't recognize you as my private enemy—not at all; and I think you are getting off rather easily; aren't you?

And, the speaker vor say, that if there were one thing the citizens of Carlow could be held to envy the citizens of Amo, it was the Honorable Kedge Halloway, the thinker, to whose widely-known paper they were about to have the pleasure and improvement of listening. Her cheeks were sallow, and her brow was already shrewdly lined, and her eyes were as hypocritical as they were savage.

As everybody immediately turned to look at him, he got up and went.

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A band of Indians, on the way to the Shawnee Prophet at Tippecanoe, came down on the Cross-Ro, and the Cross-Roaders bought them off with bad whiskey and sent them over to Plattville. They got together to wipe out their grudges—and sometimes they didn't need any grudge and let loose their deviltries just for pure orneriness; setting haystacks afire and such like; or, where a farmer had offended them, they would put on their silly toggery and take him out at midnight and whip him and plunder his house and chase the horses and cattle into his corn, maybe.

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The perfectly dismal decorum of this gentleman seemed to inspire her to maintain her own gravity. Is it not so?

Looking for a Indianapolis charming gentleman

Tom Martin hooked his arm in that of the sallow gentleman and passed out with him. The shorn lamb is cared for, but often there seems the intention to impart a moral in the refusal of Providence to temper warm weather to the full-bodied.

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The citizens shook their he pessimistically. That, my friends, is the Present!

Looking for a Indianapolis charming gentleman

There's Wilkerson's celebration when there's a funeral; look at the difference between it and on Fourth of July. There were some very pretty Indianapolos in Mr. They serve to enthrone a few station loafers, who look out from under their hat-brims at the faces in the car-windows with the languid scorn a permanent Indianapoliw always has for a transient, and the pity an American feels for a fellow-being who does not live in his town.

Old Fisbee had come from nobody knew where to Plattville to teach, and had been principal of the High School for ten years, instructing his pupils after a peculiar fashion of his own, neglecting the ordinary courses of High School instruction to lecture on archaeology to the dumfounded scholars; growing year by year more forgetful and absent, lost in his few books and his own reflections, until, though undeniably a scholar, he had been discharged for incompetency. He propped himself against a gentle,an and reproved his tormentors in Latin.

I might as well been the invisible man.

Looking for a Indianapolis charming gentleman

Meanwhile, the stranger was seated in the dingy office upstairs with his head bowed low on his arms. Thoughtful conversations in regard gentlemab hats and linings took place across fences and on corners of the Square that afternoon; and many gentlemen wondered in wise silence why their spouses were absent-minded and brooded during the evening meal. Only one street attained to the dignity of a name—Main Street, which formed the north side of the Square.

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